Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Weekend Tasks of Home Improvement

Home Improvement 

Improving home is a task that requires much effort and time. In this busy life we do not find enough time to have a look at our home to know what improvements it needs. But the weekends are the time during which you can give your time to your home to increase its value. Also home improvement will make your weekend interesting by keeping you active.

It will give you the chance to get all your family involved in the business that will make your home comfortable. So I think weekends are the best time for renovations and rejuvenation. Do the following things this weekend.

Paint the walls and your furniture:
Fresh coat of paint will give life to your home. If you were having plain walls then simply add some vibrant accents. It is enough. But if you already have accents walls then change the color and the positions of accents. Paint your furniture too. You can do it by painting the drawers front. Draw some patterns on drawers and table tops and add rich colors in them. They can totally change the décor of your house.

Decorate your front door:
A newly decorated front door will surprise your guests. Add some accessories with fresh coat of paint on the door. Place some planted pots near the door. Be creative and made a beautiful wreath with pine cones to hang on the front door. These are the simple things you can do in two days.

De clutter:
Weekends provide you enough time to clean and de clutters your home which is difficult in working days. Gather all the unused and unwanted things and place them in storage. Get the files and folders to place your papers and bills. A neatly maintained home is something appreciated by everyone.

Fix the broken/damaged things:
Mostly the door knobs and holders get damaged so go for fixing them. Replace the badly damaged ones and use the screw to tighten the loose ones. You will see the difference after fixing them.

Shine the glass:
Clean your windows with streak free cleaners. If you have kitchen cabinets with glass doors then clean them up not leaving an inch of dust. Do not forget to clean the bathroom mirrors as they get dirty with water splashes. A neat and shining mirrors and glass will brighten your home.

Change the wall display:
Replace the old art work on your wall with something new. Buy a piece of canvas art for your empty wall. If the art work is not giving treat to your eyes the simply remove the art work from the frames and paint the frames in bold colors. Add your decorative items in the frame and match it with your décor. You can also marbleize your wall with having a marbleized paper, scan it and send to the expert designers to put pictures to canvas prints. It will look hot.

Add storage in bathroom:
Bathroom is always in need of storage. Add shelves in your bathroom to increase the storage. You can place your toiletries on these shelves with some pieces of decoration.

These are the simple things to do on weekends for improving your home and adding value to it.

Author Bio: AtiqUr Rehman is a professional independent information technology provider. He is also an avid writer and gives his expert opinion on home decor, travelling and photography.

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