Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Festive and Budget friendly Christmas Party

To many people Christmas is just another and simple day. Neither they feel any excitement nor they want to celebrate the joys and blessings. What would be the reason behind that? Unaffordable things? Or least interest in these kind of celebrations?

Might be one of the above mentioned reasons are the main cause for not celebrating the event but, what if they enjoy the real charm without experiencing any budget stress? Surely they can enjoy the real contentment of the event.

I was planning to throw a budget friendly Christmas dinner for friends. So I planned to make a proper list in which I mentioned the healthy eatables and all expenses.

Hiring Place:
First of all the problem was the arrangement of venue and its charges. I was not able to pay high charges, because you don’t only have to pay a rent but you also have to fulfill the demands of catering services. So I decided to arrange the party celebrations in my private setting.

Budget Friendly Food Items:
I was the main in charge of the entire event. So I thought to cook multiple items in which oven roasted brine soaked, fruit cake, Barbie cue arrangement, holiday desserts, and rolled sugar cookies were the main items to present.

Then I thought another idea to save some money that I should ask my one or two close guests to bring some soft drinks and alcoholic drinks with them. So that we can enjoy the real pleasure in quite friendly and fruitful environment.

Party Decorations:
A big problem was the arrangement of party decorations within a set budget. I asked many friends to give some suggestions which are affordable regarding interior decoration. Some told me to use simple sparkly papers, some told me to use colorful ribbons to design the doors and walls. But one of a close friend proposed a brilliant idea which I liked the most. The idea was to find out the family album of last year Christmas party and order the services of spectacular photo printing on canvas with some artistic variations of acrylic and metal. I really appreciated that unique idea. Moreover I decided to put cinnamon scented candles in the lounge that remind the people it’s a Christmas party.

Decoration of Kitchen items:
Then I shifted my attention towards the decoration of kitchen items. Because kitchen could be the central attention for your guests, especially for ladies. So I thought to use the latest & budget friendly idea and ordered to make Santa clause pictures on crockery and marvelous cake items on canvas prints so that the guests can further enjoy the charm and glory of Christmas dinner.

Party Activities:
Christmas celebration without singing, gaming and dance parties are totally meaningless and boring. But these activities demand more money, because you have to arrange expensive lightning systems and flood lights which were beyond my approach and budget. So I brainstorm the ideas and finally I thought to use my own and personal laptop, and connected big speakers with it. Now everyone was able to enjoy their favorite music.

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