Saturday, 17 August 2013

What Makes A Good Wedding Breakfast?

With weddings requiring more and more planning than ever before, knowing what makes a good wedding breakfast is key.

Your friends and family will probably have traveled a long way to share your special day with you, so it is important that you have a memorable wedding breakfast.

Here are a few tips to make sure that it is as divine and as exquisite as possible.

It is important that everyone has plenty of room and comfortable seats.  Weddings can be long occasions for guests, what with the ceremony, the photos and the food, so make sure that comfort is incorporated.

How do you plan to cover your tables?  Will you be opting for white linen table clothes? Are you after something that is refined and elegant or something with a more vintage feel? If you are planning to get married in the height of summer you may have to order your linen well in advance.

How do you plan to decorate the tables?  Will there be water and wine on the tables? Will you be writing place cards? Will you have flowers?  Try and picture what your tables will look like and plan them out beforehand.  Do a trial run to ensure that the flowers and decorations don’t overpower the tables or look lost.

Will you have menus on the table?  How will the waiters know how to distinguish between meat eaters and vegetarians?  These sorts of things will help everyone receive their food quickly and efficiently, as let’s face it, no one likes cold roast beef.

Table plan
These are often a troubling experience for the future bride and groom.  Deciding who should sit where always causes a few hiccups.  But try and ensure that everyone will be sat with at least one or two people that they know.  Mix friends and family if you can and make sure that you have a table plan to show the seating arrangements.

Fine bone china
What will everyone eat off?  You can’t beat fine bone china when it comes to exquisite dining.  Fine bone china is usually saved for special occasions.  And what is more special than your wedding day?  If you decide not to go for full settings then you can always serve your teas and coffees in fine bone china cups.  You have to agree, tea always tastes better in a bone china cup.

Before your meal or after?  Tradition often means that the speeches happen after.  But will that mean the poor best man, groom and father of the bride have to suffer through the wedding breakfast as they battle against their nerves?  You decide.

Your wedding day will be the most exciting and happiest day of your life.  With all your friends and family uniting in honour of you.  Make it a memorable and spectacular day with a wedding breakfast that fast becomes a talking point.  Whether you are in a marquee, a hotel or in your local village hall.  It is the fine details that make it special.  Careful planning, thought and unique style will make your wedding breakfast go off with a bang.

By Rob Rudd
Rob Rudd has had a savings fund for his children since they were born. In the current economic climate and with the current trends in weddings and university finance, he isn't sure whether the savings account will be much use to anyone by the time the children grow up.

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