Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How To Get Paypal Account Verified free, Using online checking account


If you are in Nigeria or other countries that are not supported by Paypal Online Money Service, then I believe you might have experinced how difficult it is to open and operate a verified Paypal account in these countries.

Today I am going to share with you the details of the method I used to get my Paypal account verified, using my USPayment Service ( payment gateway) provided to me by Payoneer, when I registered for the Payoneer Master Card.

I have been operating my Paypal account unverified for some months without using any VPN or VPS services or whatever, am just using my Computer and my favourite browser Firefox, with a simple trick which even a Dummy can do.

I even have some dollars in that account which I got from a guest post Published on this log.

Here are the simple methods I used to verified my account.


1. Longin to your Paypal account, and click on ''Get Verified''

2. Click on ''Link Bank Account''

3. Select account type, you will get two options, a ''checking'' account and ''savings''

4. Select ''checking'' as in my case, the USPayment service is an online checking account, so I just have to select select ''checking'' as the account type.

5. Enter Your Bank Routing Number and Account Number in the speces provided. (see Image above)

6. Click ''Continue'' you are almost done.

Paypal will make two deposits to your account within 2 Business days and you will be alerted by Payoneer via your email of the deposits, saying that your Card has been loaded.

Login to your Payoneer account to see the amounts of the two different deposits by Paypal.

Now login to your Paypal account again to confirm your account, all you got to do this time is click on ''confirm Bank Account'' and enter the exact amounts and click on ''confirm'' Viola! your Paypal account is verified, It's very simple and easy.

Here is the Screenshot of my newly Verified Paypal Account. 

Now over to you, did you have a different method of verifying a Paypal account? or easy ways to open or operate it here in Nigeria? Please lets know your tips or opinion and questions via the comment form, thanks.


  1. I love that, Let me open one and verify with your method.

    Thanks for your info.

    1. Hi Marx, give it a try, its very simple and easy, you will be glad you did. Thanks.

  2. can i open an unverified paypal using my browser without changing any ip? also did you verify it without changing your ip?

    1. Yes! you can open an unverified Paypal account without changing your browser IP, but make sure you use a valid foraign address and info, prefarrably USA,

      I changed my IP when I wanted to verify my account though.

      I wiil advice you to place safe, what work for my might not work for you, so always change your IP when using your Paypal.


  3. So do you use a dedicated IP or just any US IP?

  4. I always make use of any US elite IP.


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