Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Popular Trends In Men's Jewellery

Jewellery is often associated with women, however there are some designs that are suitable for men and are highly popular with the urban male these days, who has become highly fashion conscious and puts in the effort to stay up to the mark with the trends of the season.

Some of the common jewellery items for men include chains and pendants, rings and bracelets and bangles too. Accessories like cufflinks and tiepins are available in different precious metals from a number of designer brands. The best part of men’s jewellery item is that they can be worn both for casual and formal occasion and they tend to compliment the urban look of the modern man.

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Titanium jewellery
One of the popular materials for the various designs suitable for men is Titanium. The metal is white in color but slightly darker than steel and is highly durable and resistant to scratch and other wear and tear and above all affordable. It is very versatile and there are many designs mostly contemporary ones that look much better when made from it and many of the designers working on jewellery for men, prefer this medium.

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Designs suitable for men
There is plenty of choice in the jewellery for men and there are some reputed designers that have a good collection of it too. One of the common purchases in this segment is the Titanium men’s bangle; they come in different designs and sizes. The popular one is that which has a matte finish with curved surface in order to be suitable for daily wear. The other option is the shiny, polished ones and they can even be inlayed with precious stones or engraved with names or other designs. Apart from this, there are other macho designs and engravings, but they many not suit formal wear.

The sizes available are small, medium and large and the cuff pattern bangles are very popular and make excellent gifts too. The designs and brands have a good choice in prices to suit different budgets and the best part is that a good number of them are available online. There are many designers and jewelers who sell their wares through online stores, thus making it very convenient to compare and select the right one from the lot.

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The purchases are shipped through insured and safe channels with good exchange and refund available for the unsatisfied customer.  The popular trend shows that more men are taking a fancy to jewellery and this is driving the industry to make quality pieces at affordable prices available.

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