Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Airtel Unveils Data Plan for BlackBerry 10: Offer customers unlimited BBM access and more bytes

 Airtel Blackberry Z10

Shortly after becoming the first operator to sell
the flagship BlackBerry 10 in its shops nation-wide, leading telecommunications
service provider, Airtel Nigeria has unveiled special data bundled packages
exclusively for the top notch smartphone device.

The Airtel’s BlackBerry10 (BB10) Data Plan which features three different bundles:
BB10 Max, BB10 Mid and BB10 Lite, is currently the best package in the country
as customers get up to 1.5GB, offering more bytes than any other in the market.

The Airtel BB10 plan is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers.
Postpaid customers can access the data plan by contacting their Key Account
Managers or visiting the nearest Airtel showroom for activation.

Airtel prepaid customers are to dial *440*7# for the BB10 Max monthly plan;
*440*10# for the BB10 Mid monthly plan and *440*13# for the BB 10 Lite
monthly plan.

In addition, prepaid customers can also activate the plan via sms by sending BBM,
BIM and BLM for BB10 Max monthly, BB10 Mid monthly and BB10 Lite monthly,
to special code 440.

With data speed up to 42mbps and presently the largest 3G network in Nigeria
covering 36 states + FCT, enjoying the latest BB10 smartphone is best done on
Airtel network.

The Airtel BlackBerry 10 Smartphone sells for N100, 000, while the special data
bundle offer would last for three months.

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  1. This sounds so interesting, but I doubt the 42mbps data speed.

  2. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the design of your blog.
    Keep up the nice work.

  3. Why Is The price for The Plans not Stated?

    1. Hi Molak, thanks for your question, The Airtel BlackBerry Z10
      Smartphone sells for N100, 000, with special data bundle offer which would last for three months. You call contact the customer care service on 111 for more info, or visit airtel website, the link is at the bottom of the post.

  4. this is not helpful at all, no details as regards the pricing and the amount of data for each other or even what makes the three tiers different.

    1. Hi Martin,
      Initially this post was written just to create public awareness about the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and data plans by Airtel Nigeria, you can get more details from the Airtel website or by calling 111 on your airtel line,
      Hope that helps.
      But I promise to work on that soon and get the post updated ASAP.

  5. I certainly love airtel and surely, this data plan will be buming, but will this Mb/seconds work?

    1. You can try it and see for yourself, I am very sure with strong 3G service, you will be happy for it, thanks.


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