Sunday, 3 February 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Tips For The Tomboy Girl

Some girls are high maintenance princesses, but your girlfriend isn't one of them. She would rather be playing sports than painting her nails and she thinks it is absolutely ridiculous to spend £100 on a pair of high heels or a handbag. She can beat you at video games and she can keep up with you and your friends when drinking pints at the pub. She would rather watch science fiction or action films than soap operas and romantic comedies and the usual saccharine sweetness of Valentine’s Day makes her roll her eyes.

A non-diva tomboy girlfriend is a wonderful thing to have. She is confident and strong and is the perfect combination of a best mate and a lover. But when it comes to days like Valentine’s Day, sometimes it is hard to know what to get her. You don’t want to give her the boring old cliché flowers and teddy bears as they won’t really impress her much, so what can you give instead?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because your girlfriend doesn’t giggle over every romantic comedy she doesn’t enjoy romance. If you give her thoughtful and loving personalised Valentine’s Day gifts, she will be incredibly touched. It just takes a little bit of effort to think of something which is a bit different than the old fashioned basics. Here are some tips for buying gifts for your tomboy girlfriend.

Think about Her Interests
When you are buying personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend, think about the hobbies that she is interested in. Does she love going camping and hiking? You could get her a new lightweight backpack or hiking shoes. Does she love playing computer games? You could get her the newest game which has just come out so that you can play it together.

Rather than simply buying cliché flowers and chocolates which don’t really reflect her interests or her personality at all, getting your girlfriend a gift related to her interests and hobbies shows that you know her well and are thinking about what makes her happy.

Plan Something Special that you can do together
Rather than getting your girlfriend flowers, which will not mean much to her and will wilt anyway, why not get her the gift of an unforgettable experience instead? An activity gift for something fun and quirky will be romantic without being boring.

For example, you could take her to a roller derby, go kayaking or try wall climbing. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as she is not the kind of girl to be impressed by getting dressed up for a fancy dinner. Instead, she will probably prefer fun, quirky active or outdoor activities. Whatever you choose, it will be a fun and memorable experience that the two of you can enjoy together and the memories will last a lot longer than flowers or chocolate ever would.

Make Her Something Creative and Thoughtful
When it comes to personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend, don’t think that just because she is a tomboy she has no heart. She may not buy into all of the pink roses and girly sentiment of the holiday but she is still human and she really wants to know that you care about her.

Think of a unique and creative way that you can show your girlfriend how much you love her and you will really charm her this Valentine’s Day. If you are artistic and she loves comic books, you could draw a comic book about your relationship. You could edit together video footage and photos to make a film montage of your time together, perhaps in the style of a movie trailer. Taking the time to make a creative one of a kind gift will really show your girlfriend how much you care about her.

Overall, just because you have a girlfriend who can be one of the lads and isn’t obsessed with her nails or her shoes it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to feel appreciated on Valentine’s Day. Your tomboy girlfriend deserves sweet and thoughtful gifts that are not too sentimental or clichéd but which reflect her personality and show that you care about her.

Sam Mulder is a freelance writer who loves paintball, martial arts and comic books. He writes a blog about relationship tips for the modern couple, with advice on Valentine’s Day gifts, communication and much more.

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