Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Brazilian Fashion Industry Aims to Grow

 Brazilian Fashion Industry

When we consider a fashion industry located to a major city it doesn’t just happen and takes quite a lot of effort and consideration to make happen; New York, Milan, Tokyo and London are just a few examples of this. There are all sorts of factors that play into creation of jobs and careers in the fashion industry in any single city, some of which are fundamental and others which are less in the control of industry creators. For example, London is the centre of Europe which makes it a prime location to expose yourself as a designer; more designers equal a more robust fashion industry; icons are created in these cities. However, San Paulo is one city that is finding it quite difficult to launch a fashion industry of its own.

Creation of Export

The San Paulo Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in Latin America but for a fashion industry to thrive it needs to create export. However organisers have noted that 95% of what is on show at the fashion week is going to be sold domestically which isn’t good news for a fashion industry trying to break into the international markets. However it’s not as if the fashion industry doesn’t create jobs in Brazil; according to the Brazilian Associate of Textile and Apparel over 63 billion dollars worth of garments were sold to locals. This potential is great but a focus needs to be placed on export for a fashion industry to go international.

The Cause of Slow Growth

Many fashion experts have varying reasons to offer for why Brazil hasn’t been able to break through the wall and go global. As an emerging economic power, a lot of this is enough to leave some pundits scratching their heads as the fashion industry limps behind the UK, US and Asian markets.

Some are concerned that governmental imposed barriers are to blame; barriers which include high taxation on manufacturers. This so called ‘Brazilian surcharge puts the fashion industry, including magazine printing relevant to news there, on the back foot before they’ve even had a chance. Outdated infrastructure, poor transportation systems and antiquated labour laws are just a few major reason cited.

The Future Brazilian Fashion Industry

This is also leading Brazilian fashion designers to play it safe with their designs and unfortunately safe is not what the international markets are looking for. However there is no reason, with a few updates to governmental policy and time, that the San Paulo fashion industry cannot become a worldwide juggernaut; before long those billions made locally by the industry can spread overseas reaping in substantial returns.

Eugene Calvini is a writer, fashion pundit and now a proud owner of a Gingham shirt; he enjoys sharing interesting stories about the fashion industry.


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