Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How To Build Your Personal Brand Like An MBA

MBADon’t worry, what the hell is an MBA anymore anyway? How about this, let’s show you in one kick ass article how to build your personal brand like a new millennial tech-superstar. No? How about a serious modern virtual professional and entrepreneur in 6 steps? Yeah, it’ll be fun and enlightening. Let’s roll.

Step #1: Begin Putting Together Some Scratch

You need to start building a personal platform enhancement fund. To be safe, yep, you need to shoot for at least $2500. Whatever it takes. Maybe it used to be mega-cheap back in the day, but now in order to build the foundation for a serious personal brand it’s going to take a little production value! How fast can you get together $2500? In the meantime…
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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Decorating Duds Simplified

Are you moving into a new home? Or maybe you’re starting from scratch yet again and moving into a new abode. Regardless of what phase you are in your life, decorating your house is, both, a physically and emotionally taxing task. Even interior decorators suffer from the inability to summon their creative side, how much more ordinary homeowners trying to personalize their space. While decorating your home the right way depends, ultimately, on your personal preference, there are also definite ways that you can decorate your home the wrong way. Break from away from these cringe-worthy decorating faux pas.
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Friday, 16 May 2014

Finding The Right Audio Typing Service For Your Needs

When searching for audio typing services online, you will find many companies that offer typing services that choosing one becomes a daunting task. To add onto the confusion, all of the companies claim to be the very best in the transcription industry and promise to deliver unmatched results.

It is true that these companies could be offering high quality services because any serious and professional transcription agency that is vying for your business will obviously do their very best to ensure your satisfaction. However, the best bet of finding a good audio typing service provider that suits your needs is to take a step back and do proper evaluation. The following are things you should consider.
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Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Love Matthew C Martino Has For The Game...

When you ask what Matthew C Martino is known for some immediately say Lets Fly and for those in the film world he is known for his production works. He is considered a very young dynamic hard worker but the 21year old recently told CelebSpy in an interview that 'I absolutely love the game and it's a shame I never got to play'

Martino was referring to football. He told stories of how we he played football from a young age in Zimbabwe and even when he relocated to the UK it was one of his favourite sports. 'I often played in goal, but I started moving into defence and because I'm quicker on my left foot I managed to establish myself as a left back' he said

The Lets Fly author called football his favourite sport and called on for more support to be offered to this game 'I think every young man loves this game and we need to ensure that there is enough support for aspiring footballers, It can be a difficult game to get into but after the initial intro is made many peoples dream could come true'.

Martino has vowed to bring change within the football world including supporting charities and clubs that provide opportunities for aspiring footballers. Martino himself has also said he is working towards making himself fitter and looks forward to returning to the beautiful game very soon.

Well we are sure any team would be lucky to have you, after years of training though!

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Festive and Budget friendly Christmas Party

To many people Christmas is just another and simple day. Neither they feel any excitement nor they want to celebrate the joys and blessings. What would be the reason behind that? Unaffordable things? Or least interest in these kind of celebrations?

Might be one of the above mentioned reasons are the main cause for not celebrating the event but, what if they enjoy the real charm without experiencing any budget stress? Surely they can enjoy the real contentment of the event.

I was planning to throw a budget friendly Christmas dinner for friends. So I planned to make a proper list in which I mentioned the healthy eatables and all expenses.
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